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I am Hugo Holmesnow…

…and you are your fault. Do not panic at the realization of this uncomfortably but and easily unavoidable conclusion. All hope is not lost, so do not despair yet, because you are your fault, you are also your solution. You contain within you the source of the solution to all of your ills.

I am here to offer you the assistance you need, the inspiration you crave, and the encouragement you feel entitled to in the form of memes, (soon) casted pods, FREE! Email courses (presented as blog posts), blog posts (presented as blog posts), listicles, and books in order to find that solution or solutions.

I am an author, a monk, a shaman, a life coach, and so much more. There is much to tell you about my self, click here to grow closer to me, then return here to continue your journey towards wholeness and fulfillment. Click here to keep wasting your life doing nothing to better yourself while you rot body, mind, and soul. The choice is yours.


You cannot repair what is wrong with you without knowing what is wrong with you. Even you are most likely capable of understanding that.
Are you ready to understand more? Are you ready to understand what is wrong with you?
Then you are you ready to learn what is wrong with you. Maybe. If you are, then buy this book. If you are not, then don’t. There is no reason for confusion about this. Get yours today for only $2.99

Are your dreams keeping you up at night? If so, this book will show you how conquer them forever, Conquering your dreams allows you to get a good night’s sleep and also frees up a lot of time that you can spend being useful.
I am not going to lie to you at this time, this book and will cause you to become uncomfortably sore everywhere as you read it. This multi-level soreness is normal, do not worry. You will feel better eventually. Save your soul for only $2.99

Other Sources Of My Wisdom

You are your fault the blog is full of the sort of lists and memes that constitute the staples of the diet of self-improvement.

My mini courses are available as blog posts. There are enough barriers to evolution as it is, I will not burden you with more.

My Twitter account is our direct link to each other. Reach out to me and I will reach around and back towards you. I do not believe in other forms of social media, do not ask me about them.