03 Solve All Of Your Inner Issues Lesson 03

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Dear Broken Soul,

Have you noticed how you are a little less un-evolved then you were before we began this journey towards wisdom together? You should have noticed a slight increase in being able to not mentally abuse yourself. If you haven’t, no worries! There is still time. While Inner Evolution is not a race there are winners. Perplexing, is it not? I hope you can agree that this wanton navel-gazing is pleasurable, yet, useless. Let us instead turn our attention to this Lesson, Lesson Three, which is the third lesson of five lessons.

Simple arithmetic tells us that there are two lessons remaining. Complex arithmetic tells us that each lesson contains an infinite number of smaller lessons within it. Lessons, within lessons- which are wrapped in profound insights and enrobed in silky wisdom.

The title of this lesson claims to reveal something of unthinkable importance. Indeed, if only the root cause of all your problems could be isolated and defeated the rest of your life would be lived in unmitigated bliss of an intensity you are currently unequipped to comprehend.

Sadly, it is not as simple as that. The Root Cause Of All Suffering is a two-headed dragon that cannot be dealt with in one Sub-Heading Of Wisdom, it will take two:

Lesson Three’s Sub-Heading Of Wisdom:

The First Sub-Heading Of Wisdom: You are neither special nor flawed

Many broken people’s thoughts and thought processes center around thinking they are somehow different than those around them, special for some as of yet to be discovered reason. Many others are lulled into believing the opposite- that they contain no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

This is silliness on a grand scale. The truth is more boring, more un-exciting than you could ever imagine. The truth is that you, and everyone else for that matter, are NEITHER a misunderstood pile of unopened gifts that will never be recognized by those fools who surround you nor are you just a collection of worthlessness and disappointment. You are just exactly what you are, a mixture of both things.

Now that you are paying attention, try to pay attention to those times you think you deserve something. You will most likely discover that you are not entitled to as much as you think you are. Also, while you’re at it, pay attention to those times you are wallowing in self-pity and feel that you will never rise above your own petty problems or get a chance to be happy. If you can do that, you will see that you are never truly in a situation that offers no hope or spiritual sustenance.

If you cannot do either of those things it might be time for you to admit that you are not interested in bettering yourself.

This is not to say that you are without troubles or that nothing is wrong with you, it is only a warning begging you to keep a proper perspective on things. The truth is no one is “all” or “100%” anything and when you begin to use that language within your own mind you should know that that is a sign you are wrong.

This is a tough pill to crack so please feel free to re-read it as many times as you need to in order to rise above yourself.

Suggested Activity For This Sub-Heading Of Wisdom: Realize you are not as special as you consider yourself to be, nor are you as badly damaged as you claim to be. Make a list or something.

The Second Sub-Heading Of Wisdom: Repression and Projection

Everyone has thoughts that they shouldn’t have. Some think of illogical acts or uncommon sex situations, some are prone to thinking about punching or stabbing people and/or things. Others might think of mean things to say or desire unhealthy foods. Others still might like to picture their God farting. There are many kinds of strange thoughts available to think.

No matter what you think, you should know that not allowing yourself to think your thoughts will cause them swell up and influence the part of yourself that is not thoughts. Just allow yourself to think your thoughts without punishing yourself for thinking them. This is not the same as acting on your thoughts or declaring unhealthy thoughts as safe or healthy. It is not a justification of your injured, incorrect thought system, it is acceptance of it.

You must accept your thoughts and admit that you have them. If you do not, the internal pressure will build until you have no choice but to do something that will undoubtedly be more harmful than just thinking or desiring something odd. Given enough time, these stifled thoughts will gain enough pressure and momentum to ruin what little good you have managed to acquire in your life. This is something neither you nor those around you need.

Suggested Activity For This Sub-Heading Of Wisdom: Have all thoughts, even gross one. Be firm but kind to yourself about the entire process. Remember, thoughts are like farts- neither can be held in forever.

Lesson three only has two Sub-Headings of Wisdom because that is all it needs. Having more than you need often leads to being wasteful instead of usefull. I don’t want to burden you with anything more this lesson. You have been given the tools you need in order to defeat the two-headed allegorical dragon that lives within you and is the root cause for just about all of your problems.

Now that you are armed with this knowledge, you should go and prepare for your dragon battle. I wish you luck and will see you soon when it is time for Lesson Four.

Now the lesson is over, go forth and slay your dragon. I will be watching.

Your Friend,

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